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SVP Meeting

September 13, 2022

St. Mark's Lutheran Church Hall 

Middleburgh, NY


Minutes for September 13, 2022


Meeting opened by Sharon Vrooman, president at 1:02.                             Members present: 21         Guests: 0


Treasurer’s report:          Checking: $92.44                    Savings: $763.09                                                                                                                           Total: $855.53

A motion was made by Joan Youmans to accept the treasurer’s report and it was seconded by Edna Lower. The motion was passed unanimously.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes are available on each table and will be posted on the website. A motion was made by Debra Steup to accept the minutes and it was seconded by Joan Youmans. Approved by the members with one abstention.


Old Business:

The Hall of Fame Quilt Show will be held on September 17 and 18 from 10-4 at the Catskill Art Gallery. Sharon has tickets for the raffle quilt for sale, 1 for $1.00 or 6 for $5.00.

A celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Schoharie County Quilt Barn Trail will be held on Sunday, September 25th from 2-5 at the Cobleskill Fairground’s grandstand. Admission is $13.


New Business:

Betty Pillsbury will be at The Middleburgh Library on Tuesday, September 20th from 7-8:30 for a program on embellished clothing.

Q.U.I.L.T. will hold a quilt show on October 8th from 10-5 and October 9th from   10-4 at Proctor’s Theater. Admission is $8.00.

A quilt show will be held at Major Inn in Gillburtsville on October 7, 8, 9th. Admission is $5.00.

Kathy Livingston shared information regarding classes that may be taken at SUNY Cobleskill on a variety of topics for the 2022-2023 school year. The website is for more information.This year we will have a year long program that will focus on different aspects of color in quilting. Please see the program for more details.


For this year’s challenge, each month a different color crayon will be selected and you should use that color in a quilt block of your choice. Please bring your block/s to the next meeting for show and tell. Orange was selected for September and light or medium blue for October. The neutrals, white, grey, brown and black were removed from the box and may be used in your quilt as you like.


Name Tag Drawing: Kathy Gorczyca, a new member


Show and Tell:

Kathy Livingston: showed three patterns she is considering for the challenge

Kathy Gorczyca: a quilt from Moda’s pattern Milestones

Betsy Macomber: showed her finished round robin, wall hanging from Sharon’s workshop in 2021, Bonnie Hunter’s Rhododendron, wedding ring table runner

Marlene Laraway:  a table runner, challenge blocks a star in batiks and a wool applique

Ruth Veley: challenge block a spool block in oranges

Emilie Warner: one of her quilts was auctioned

Deb Steup: showed a possible pattern for her challenge block

Dolores Canna: patriotic door banner, apple wall hanging, bandana table runner sundresses for granddaughter, cat beds she made for a shelter

Julie Angevine: showed a pattern for the challenge

Sharon Nesbitt: showed her 2021 challenge quilt in bright colors

Ron Lower: showed pattern square bubbles for the challenge, crossword puzzle quilt

Sharon Vrooman: patterns for the challenge, sheep and sneakers, finished her round robin quilt top, she found a box with many blocks


Program: Guest speaker:  Eileen Buel on “Pattern Play”


Next Meeting: October 11th from 1-3. The program is “Large Prints, Color and Pattern Interplay”

Meeting adjourned.


Show & Tell

(pictures by Kathy L; thank you!)


Guest Speaker:  Eileen Buel 

"Pattern Play"


SVP Meeting

October 11, 2022

St. Mark's Lutheran Church Hall 

Middleburgh, NY


October Minutes

Meeting called to order by Sharon Vrooman president.

Members present 21 Guests None


Treasurer's report: Checking: $440.44 Savings: $763.09 Total: $1140.55

Secretary's Report: copies passed around for reading. Motion by Emily to accept seconded by Ruey passed Historians report: Photo album is available for anyone interested in looking at it. Photos of Hall of Fame quilt show are on Catskill Mt website.

Old Business:

Quilt: Hall of fame show was well attended. Stephanie Liddle won the Hall of fame raffle quilt and several other members won baskets. SVPs share from the quilt show will be donated to the Josuha Project.

The Empire Quilt Fest is looking for a new location for the 2024 show. If anyone has any ideas please let one of our representative know.

Quilt barn trail: Ginny Schaum has written a book describing how and what the quilt barn trail is all about. Betty Pillsbury will be at the Middleburgh on Nov. 5th.

New business: A discussion on the Major Inn Quilt Show next fall. A motion was presented that SVP be a participant but needed more particulars on what was expected from our guild.

Name tag drawing won by Betsy Macomber

Color draw for next month is YELLOW

Show and tell many had their first color block to show Program working with large prints. Sharon Vrooman showed many pieces all with different ways of using large prints.

Next meeting Nov. 8 working with Grey scale - cameras

Show & Tell

SVP - Oct 2022 (7).jpg
SVP - Oct 2022 (6).jpg
SVP - Oct 2022 (14).jpg
SVP - Oct 2022 (9).jpg
SVP - Oct 2022 (3).jpg
SVP - Oct 2022 (2).jpg
SVP - Oct 2022 (5).jpg
SVP - Oct 2022 (1).jpg
SVP -Oct 2022 (21).jpg
SVP - Oct 2022 (8).jpg
SVP -Oct 2022 (24).jpg
SVP -Oct 2022 (25).jpg
SVP -Oct 2022 (26).jpg
SVP -Oct 2022 (23).jpg
SVP -Oct 2022 (24).jpg
SVP - Oct 2022 (16).jpg
SVP - Oct 2022 (4).jpg
SVP -Oct 2022 (18).jpg

Program:  Large Prints & Color & Pattern Interplay

SVP -Oct 2022 (20).jpg
SVP - Oct 2022 (15).jpg
SVP -Oct 2022 (19)_edited.jpg
SVP - Oct 2022 (13).jpg
SVP - Oct 2022 (12).jpg
SVP - Oct 2022 (11).jpg
SVP -Oct 2022 (17).jpg
SVP - Oct 2022 (10).jpg
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