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SVP - November 12, 2019 Meeting

SVP Minutes

November 12, 2019


Call to Order:   6:32 pm by Pres. Sharon Vrooman with 16 members signed in

Guests/ New Members:  None

Treasurer’s Report: 

            Checking= $647.10

            Savings   = $1261.73                                 Total= $1908.83

Motion to Accept by Emily Davis;  Seconded by Joan Youmans

Secretary’s Report:

            Minutes from last meeting had one correction:  “Steve Hoars” name (spelling correction).  Otherwise,  accepted as received.  Also, October meeting pictures are on the website.

Old Business:

EQF-X:  Progress towards April show continues on track with 2 speakers under contract; 23 vendors committed;  Forms and brochures should be available by next meeting;  Vendor Ribbon team needs to get together to further evolve and execute Diane Warner’s daffodil ribbon model (volunteers for the Ribbon Committee include:  Diane, Stephanie, Ron & Edna, Sharlene, and Colleen…. And others who may want to join);  Try for full model by next meeting.

Iroquois Indian Museum:  Kathy Livingston attended their opening  reception for the Women of Influence quilt exhibit;  A good number of the Iroquois quilt artists were in attendance and gave brief explanations of the background of their blocks;  A full oral history is available next to the quilt at the museum;  Display is up through the end of November

New Business:

            Middleburgh Promotional Snowman Exhibit:  Ginny S. had submitted our application and agreed to get the SVP Quilted Snowman hung again for the exhibit.  Maybe next year we can make him a snow-girlfriend.

            QBT Addition to Art Walk behind Middleburgh Library:  Ginny S. gave an update on the construction of a large 3-D Cubic ‘sculpture’ for the Quilt Barn Trail.  BOCES in Schoharie will construct the approx.. 3’ X 3’ X 3’ cube, then Ginny will be seeking volunteers to help apply and paint the designs on each face;  It also will be capable of spinning and have a protective roof.

            Two Local Quilt Shops Closing:  Report given that both Pokey’s & Joyful Quilter shops are closing.  Pokey’s is supposed to remain as on-line only.

            Quilt Shows:

                        Peaceable Day Quilters (PDQ):  Planning a show in Cobleskill for May 2021

                        Empire Quilt Fest (EQF-X):  April 4-5, 2020

            Craft Shows:

                        Depot Lane Holiday Craft Bazaar- Nov. 22-24, 2019 in Schoharie

                        Chrome Beverage Center, Waterford, NY:   Nov 17th  1-4pm

            Name Tag Draw:  Emily Davis received fabric, patterns, pins, marker in her gift bag

            Show and Tell:

                        Completed Pumpkin-Themed Crayon-Transfer projects, per demo in October by Colleen:  Participants included Martha, Diane, Kathy L; Ruth, Joan, Stephanie; Anne, & Sharlene (others?)

Also:   Nanette & Ruth: 4-Patch Posie , Tapestry and Diamond design Table-runner gifts

            Kathy L:  Applique´ and embroidered snowman quilt for St. Vincent’s Raffle


Indoor Garage Sale-  lots of fabric, patterns, books, and notions were shopped and exchanged.  Sharon will also save non-claimed items and make fat quarters for sale at SVP table at EQF in the Spring.


{Note: Next Meeting:  December 10, 2019: Pillowcases due and Holiday Buffet}

Submitted by:  K. Livingston (substitute Sec. for Colleen DeMuth)   

Show & Tell


Program:  Yard Sale

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