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Kid's Banner Hung in Schoharie Free Library


Here is one of the kid's banners made by SVP guild members now hung in the Schoharie Free Library (a perfect fit! and looks great!)  Other banner made is yet to be hung, but is on display in same area.

Update:  Here to the right is the other banner made by SVP members and displayed so nicely in the corner of the children section.

SL-QltsBloomJune2019 (24).jpg

Family Quilt Hung on Display at 

     Under the Nose Gift Shop


Some quilt blocks made by past president Joan Quinn were donated to SVP guild by the Quinn family.  Blocks were put into a quilt to be given back to the family.  Picture here is Tom Quinn having won the Schoharie ARC "2018 Cooking with Love" award.  And, behind him, hangs the quilt which can always be seen in his & his wife's gift shop, Under the Nose, located in Middleburgh. 

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