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October 12, 2021

St. Mark's Lutheran Church Hall 

Middleburgh, NY


The meeting was opened by Sharon Vrooman, president at 1:05.

Members present: 24                  Guests: 0

Treasurer’s report:      

 Checking: $515.74              Savings: $762.78              Total: $1278.52                                                                                                                                Motion was made by Joan Youmans to accept the treasurer’s report. Seconded by Marlene Laraway. Motion was passed by the members.

Secretary’s minutes are on the tables and will be downloaded to the website. Motion was made to accept the minutes by Kathy Livingston. Seconded by Emily Davis. Motion was passed by the members.

Historian, Stephanie Liddle is updating the album and the September meeting photos are on the guild website.

Old Business:

Quilters Hall of Fame: There will be no meetings scheduled due to the pandemic until spring of 2022.

Sharon Vrooman said she enjoyed using her quilt shop gift certificate from the guild members.

Ginny Schaum got out the snowman and woman and is making a snow baby to go along with them.

New Business:

Barb Haverly told us that Sue and Vince Smith had recently moved from Schoharie to live with one of their daughters. Sue has been a longtime member of the guild. 

The next border in the round robin is applique. A suggestion was made that quilt books about borders could offer ideas for your round robin quilt

Name Tag Drawing: Dolores Canna


Show and Tell:

Barb Haverly: a small necktie wall hanging, Barb bought a small piece sewn by Helene Langan and completed it. She also showed two quilt tops made by family members one with shirting and navy fabric and an Ohio Star. She said she will never finish them and offered them to the guild members.

Marlene Laraway: a Halloween quilt made with squares with circles of Halloween fabric with circular embroidery edging and a pumpkin quilted in opposite squares. Her round robin wall hanging has a Halloween counted cross stitch center with a flying geese patchwork border. Marlene said her project is complete.

Joan Youmans: Her round robin has Love and hearts appliqued in center with a patchwork border.

Ruth Veley: Her round robin has a fall color leaf center with a patchwork border.

Ginny Schaum: Showed her finished reverse dyed project framed in an oval frame. Ginny showed a round robin quilt made by a group she traveled to China with. She made the center and the others added to it as it traveled around the country. Her guild round robin started with a take on a Dresden plate with many different houses and a pieced border.

Ida Pomygalski: showed an English paper piece in blue and white.

Kathy Livingston: Showed her round robin star center with her patchwork border

Betty Pillsbury: Showed her “Crazy quilts Because sanity is overrated” embroidered center with patchwork borders, using multiple techniques and embellishments. She wanted it to look Victorian in style.

Debra Steup: She said Sharon taught a selvage wall hanging class with applique in center, hers has a doe and fawn.

Dolores Canna: selvage wall hanging with sunflower applique

Julia Angevine: selvage wall hanging with butterfly applique.

Emily Davis: round robin with bat center with patchwork border.

Sandi Johnson: She modeled a shirt she bought and embellished with many fall leaves. She applied the leaves with wonder under and added decorative stitches around them. She also showed a piece of Japanese art fabric she purchased.

Diane Warner: round robin, showed her pieced center and patchwork border.

Stephanie Liddle: round robin- Devil’s Claws center with patchwork border.

Sharon Vrooman: her dog face charity quilt that she gave us the pattern for last year, she also showed a butterfly quilt made with 6” patchwork squares, will share pattern. She said the Moda site has quilt ideas using different blocks.

Business meeting concluded.

Program for meeting was penny wool applique. Sharon gave us felt that we cut into circles and stacked together with the buttonhole stitch.


Next meeting: November 9th from 1:00 to 3:00, program is design basics and ideas for quick quilts and how to use “Block Base” design tool.   

SVP-Oct 14 2021 (1).jpg
SVP-Oct 14 2021 (8).jpg

Show & Tell

SVP-Oct 14 2021 (2).jpg
SVP-Oct 14 2021 (9).jpg
SVP-Oct 14 2021 (6).jpg
SVP-Oct 14 2021 (10).jpg
SVP-Oct 12 2021 (14).jpg
SVP-Oct 12 2021 (15).jpg
SVP-Oct 12 2021 (13).jpg
SVP-Oct 12 2021 (18).jpg
SVP-Oct 12 2021 (17).jpg
SVP-Oct 12 2021 (19).jpg
SVP-Oct 12 2021 (22).jpg
SVP-Oct 12 2021 (24).jpg
SVP-Oct 12 2021 (30).jpg
SVP-Oct 12 2021 (27).jpg
SVP-Oct 14 2021 (5).jpg
SVP-Oct 14 2021 (7).jpg
SVP-Oct 12 2021 (11).jpg
SVP-Oct 12 2021 (12).jpg
SVP-Oct 12 2021 (21).jpg
SVP-Oct 12 2021 (20).jpg
SVP-Oct 12 2021 (23).jpg
SVP-Oct 12 2021 (25).jpg
SVP-Oct 12 2021 (26).jpg
SVP-Oct 12 2021 (35).jpg
SVP-Oct 12 2021 (33).jpg
SVP-Oct 12 2021 (32).jpg

Some Blocks for Round Robin Challenge


Wool Applique

SVP-Oct 14 2021 (4).jpg
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