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Schoharie Valley Piecemakers Quilt Guild Minutes

DATE: 12/14/17



The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM for the Annual Christmas Meeting.  Ron Lower said the prayer before the meal. The business meeting followed the dinner.  Members signed in.


Guests/New Members



Treasurer’s Report:





Motion to accept: Sandi Johnson   Seconded: Edna Lower 

Approved by membership


Secretary’s Minutes of Last Meeting:  

Additions: none

Deletions: none

Minutes accepted per e-mail



Stephanie announced there were more photos added to the web page and she had brought a couple of the albums to be looked at.

Old Business:

Library Banners-tabled until January

Empire Quilt Fest-Facebook page given out for to look for updates.

Web site - encouraged members to please get comfortable in reading this as it is updated each meeting and as new information becomes available.


New Business:

Program Committee:  Updates on Schedule

        Jan. - Ginny presenting Friendship Cards for Secret Pals Swap in February

        Feb - Card swap and Amelia's Garden - presenting Modern Quilts

        March - CeCe's Wools presenting fabric weaving on looms

        April - Sharon - Journal/Book Covers

Quilt Show:

None known


Name Tag Drawing:   

Ida Pol


Show & Tell: 



Ginny Schaum:  gave brief outline of the January program

JLL Fashion Show with 9 members showcasing their jackets



Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.




Karen L. Frankel


Schoharie Valley Piecemakers

       December Meeting and Christmas Party

          Rescheduled to Thursday, Dec. 14         

            because of bad weather on 12th...        

Some Wounded Warrior Quilts

Show & Tell

JJJ Jackets Made

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